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Growing up, I roamed the antique shops and malls of western New York with my family, admiring the intricate detailing of Victorian furniture, the colors and patterns of Depression glass, the artistry of handpainted porcelain ware, the beauty of vintage jewelry. This instilled in me a love of things from times past. Always a collector and user of antique and period furniture, glass, and porcelain, about 25 years ago I began collecting and wearing vintage clothing and jewelry.

I was fortunate enough to marry a fellow collector, who, while collecting different sorts of things, has the same appreciation of both fine and unusual vintage and antique items. Through indulging our passion for collecting over the years, we ended up with far more than we could use or enjoy in our everyday lives (we’re sure you understand!), and began selling some of our personal collections online in 2000. Enjoying that endeavor immensely, we began selling vintage clothing a few years later.

Today we’re proud to be able to offer through Vintage Baubles a large inventory and wide variety of apparel and accessories, primarily dating from the 1940s through the 1970s, with some select earlier and later pieces. We offer designer and brand-name pieces, along with those that bear no name, but are of high quality. We believe vintage can, and should be, worn for everyday purposes as well as special occasions, so we have day and career wear, in all styles, as well as special-occasion pieces.

We’ll also be offering other lines of vintage items, for we’ve found over the years that lovers of vintage apparel usually enjoy vintage home furnishings, decorative pieces, collector’s items, and more. Our goal is to satisfy our customers’ “vintage itch” with a selection of both traditional and unusual items.   

Happy Shopping, and let us know if there’s anything we can help you with!

           With more than 1,000 items in stock, it’s very possible we have what you need, so please   contact us . We’ll be more than happy to check our stock and see what we have   for you!

    We shop often for items to offer to you; if you are looking for a particular item or type        of  item, drop us an e-mail, and if we don’t have it in our current inventory, we will         put it on our next shopping list! We have hundreds of items not yet listed on the site, so we may very well have what you’re looking for or may get it in!

   For nearly 15 years, Vintage Baubles has been dressing discriminating         women with vintage clothing and accessories: designer, upscale, and                          everyday vintage apparel; lingerie; jewelry; handbags; and more.                                 Owned previously by Pamela Brown, the site was purchased by                                    us in May of 2008.  Since then we’ve undertaken a major re-                                   design and rebuild of  the site. While the design is now complete,                             the reconstruction is not! We’ve added vintage menswear and will                            be opening a home décor section for those who wear vintage and                        use it in their homes.

  Ordering: You can place your order and pay for it online using our shopping cart, or   order via e-mail if paying by check or money order. Any questions? Just e-mail us!     Or phone us  at 717-870-3522, from 9 a.m.  to 5 p.m. EST.  Refer to this page for        detailed information on ordering.